Dog's Unusual Bark Stuns Rescuers, And Now Everyone Wants To Adopt Him

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It's hard to step inside a dog shelter and have to choose only one dog.

I remember when I got my first rescue dog as a kid, and I couldn't stop crying after leaving the shelter, even though I adopted a five-year-old pug.

There were lots of dogs that needed saving, and it hurt me that I couldn't adopt all of them.

Now imagine if you're at a dog shelter wanting to adopt a particular dog and you see a line-up!

Dennis, a nine-year-old pitbull mix, was so special that everyone wanted to take him home.

The reason? He had a strange way of communicating.

When Drew Harrisberg heard Dennis's voice, something clicked.

He felt a special bond with the adorable doggo and immediately went to sign the adoption papers.

Unfortunately, the lady at the desk said that he was already adopted.

That being said, the kind owners allowed Drew to spend two weeks with Dennis.

But the day he had to return Dennis, Drew felt devastated: "I couldn't even function. It felt like I literally lost something. I was mourning, almost. It was a weird feeling."

After Drew shared pictures and videos of how happy he and Dennis had been those past two weeks, the owners decided to let Drew become Dennis's foster dad.

"I used to be a lot more selfish," Drew confessed, but Dennis taught him what's really important in life: friendship.

"He's changed the way I've viewed the world." It seems like Dennis may have saved Drew!

If it wasn't for Dennis's unusual bark, he may have never found a home.

"He sounds a bit like a seal and a pig, who somehow ended up as a dog," his owner said.

Watch the video below and let us know if you agree!

Feed me woman!!!! I'll stomp on you!!!!

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For the full story of how Dennis and Drew found each other, watch the video below:

Dennis and Drew were definitely made for each other! Do you agree?

[Source: The Dodo]

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