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20 Times Dogs Were The Friends We Needed More Than Anything That Will Make Any Dog Owner Smile

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Dogs are the best thing on the planet. They are kind, they are loyal, and they are always there when you need them. They love us unconditionally no matter what we look like or what we are wearing, and it's important to remember that because sometimes they can be a little frustrating.

They may get into trouble every now and then, but they never mean any harm. They just want to be there for you and love you! Okay, let's be honest, sometimes they just want a treat. But how can you resist these faces!

They have so much love in their eyes

They want to welcome you home

They know they are safe with you


They love to go on adventures with you

@Camping With Dogs

But they will also chill at home

They will literally jump for joy when they see you

They will patiently wait for you to get home

Or wake you up in the morning just because they miss you

They give the best hugs

They are happy to be the big spoon OR the little spoon

Or just share a spoonful of whatever you have

Tanya Ruiter

That's not all dogs are good for, they have some pretty important skills that we all appreciate...

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