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Woman Caught Shoplifting Escaped After Her Boyfriend Crashed His Van Into The Building

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You've heard of Romeo and Juliet, you've heard of Bonnie and Clyde, and you've heard of Sid and Nancy. All of these couples had tragic endings, but one thing you can't deny is that they were partners in crime.

Finding someone to go along with your arguably bad ideas is I guess what love is about, right? Well, that's at least what one couple from Texas believes.

The story is truly one for the ages. A woman was caught shoplifting in a Forth Worth Dollar Tree, but when her boyfriend heard about it, he decided to take drastic action. When I say drastic, I really mean it.

Police report that the Dollar Tree employees caught two women stealing some merchandise while a man waited outside, but when they went to detain them, they were only able to get the women in the store.

The employees report that the man was yelling that he would "come in and get her" if they didn't let his girlfriend go, but when they refused he took action.

Police say the man jumped into his van and rammed into the store front as an ill-conceived rescue attempt.

"We didn't think he was coming in with a car," one of the employees said. "We just thought he was coming back in there to get her, but he fooled us. He came in there with a van."

Although, even though it seems like a crazy idea, it kind of worked. The woman got away in the van and the police have not caught them yet.

They left behind a good deal of damage to the door of the shop. The store has been closed since Thursday and they haven't revealed when it will reopen.

The one thing this couple will have to deal with is that by running the vehicle through the doors, their minor shoplifting charges have been upgraded to a full-scale robbery. So if the police catch them, they are in a whole lot more trouble.

At least no one was hurt in the incident, but it's still kind of crazy that they got away with it. Hopefully the police can catch them soon.

Source - Fox 4 / Star Telegram

Could you imagine committing a crime for the person you love?