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12 Facts About Dolly Parton That Prove She's A Living Legend

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The Queen of Tennessee has been making music since before many of us were born. No matter how you feel about country music, there's no doubt that Dolly Parton is a legend, both for her incredible voice and for her larger-than-life character.

Here are 12 facts you may not have known about everyone's favourite blond bombshell.

1. Her father paid for her birth with cornmeal

The Parton

Parton's family was so poor that when she was born, her father did not have any money to pay the doctor. He ended up giving him a bag of cornmeal for his services.

2. She composed her first song before she could read

Dolly Parton's first song was "Little Tiny Tassletop" which she wrote about her corn cob doll when she was only three years old. She couldn't read or write yet so her mother wrote the lyrics down for her. Parton still performs the song sometimes. You can find a video of her singing the song here.

3. She did not have a good time in school

After her performance on local TV, Parton returned to school to find out her classmates were jealous about her. So jealous, in fact, that they locked her in a dark coat closet. Till this day, she has always been afraid of the dark and sleeps with a nightlight on.

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