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Dolly Parton Responds To 2-Year-Old's Viral Cover Of Jolene

Sophia Kingsley has a voice like no other kid her age. Oh, and she's got a little bit of sass to boot.

The two-year-old was caught on tape belting out her very own rendition of a classic song that came out well before her time.

“She’s been talking and singing since before she could walk,” Sophia's mom, 25-year-old Brooke Kingsley, told People.  “It’s incredible, she can hear a song once or twice and recall all of the lyrics.”


Brooke usually records her daughter's covers and shares them with family and friends, but this time she posted little Sophia's unexpectedly sweet cover of Dolly Parton's 1973 country hit "Jolene" on Facebook. It instantly captured millions of hearts.

According to Brooke, Sophia started singing the song after hearing Miley Cyrus's version on an episode of The Voice.

“She loved it so much that she kept singing it for days,” says Kingsley . “I showed her the original Dolly version, and now she calls her ‘Princess Dolly!’ ”

Well, Sophia's soulful cover reached "Princess Dolly's" ears and she was very impressed.

After Sophia's video went viral, it caught Dolly's attention and she responded with a tweet expressing how it warms her heart to have her music reach such a young fan.

She also wrote, "Maybe we'll see this little one on the @opry [Grand Ole Opry] stage.

Brooke and her husband, Jordan, were taken aback by the response their daughter's impromptu singing has received, especially from the country legend.

"I couldn’t even believe Dolly tweeted out the video!” said Brooke. “For it to get to her was amazing. We told Sophia and she was so excited, she goes, ‘Princess Dolly likes me!’"

You can listen to the toddler's cover in the video below:

Her face! 😂😂❤️ Dolly Parton

Posted by Brooke Heiler Kingsley on Saturday, December 17, 2016

Turns out, Sophia may have inherited her talent from her father, who was a former musician.

“Jordan was in a band for years and he’s been playing the mandolin, piano and guitar for her since she was born,” explained the mother. “So she has a knack for music, but this was crazy!”

Either way, we agree with Dolly. This girl is on her way to becoming a star.

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