Dolph Lundgren's 20-Year-Old Daughter Is A Triple Threat

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Dolph Lundgren, best known for his role as the antagonist in Rocky IV, is the perfect example of don't judge a book by its cover.

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The Swedish-born actor has the tendency to play not-so bright characters in many of his films, but in real life, he has an impressive resume. He holds a master's degree in chemical engineering, and at one point he was even awarded with a Fullbright Scholarship to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Lundgren also has over thirty years of acting credits to his name and a black belt in Karate. However, none of these accomplishments are as important to him as his children are.

The star and his jewelry designer wife, Anette Qviberg, have two daughters, Ida and Greta.


Just like his co-star Sylvester Stallone, Lundgren's family often accompany him to events and over the years we've seen the girls grow up before our eyes.

Today, Ida is 21-years-old and Greta is 15. The girls each have their own passions and they've recently taken big steps to follow them. But it is Ida who has taken after her father's love for the camera and martial arts.

The oldest of the Lundgren sisters appeared in one of her father's films, Command Performance, back in 2009, but nowadays she's behind the camera for a very different reason.

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