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A Piece Of Donald And Melania Trump's Wedding Cake Was Just Sold For An Insane Amount Of Money

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People will literally spend money on anything, including stale cake from celebrity weddings.

In 2014, a slice of Princess Diana and Prince Charles' 1981 wedding cake was put up for auction 33 years after the nuptials, and was sold online for over $1,300.

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The cake came wrapped in its original white and silver box, and included a card that read, "With best wishes from Their Royal Highnesses, the Prince & Princess of Wales."

A few years later, in August 2017, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, put a slice from their eight-tier wedding cake up for sale to raise funds for a charitable cause.

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The six-year-old fruitcake, which had a starting bid of around $1,300, was sold to the highest bidder for an undisclosed, but hefty amount. The special treat came in a custom designed cream and gold commemorative tins, just like the ones gifted to the guests who attended the royal reception in 2011.

Now, just a few months after the royal cake was sold, another stale cake enthusiast has won the bid for a piece of President Donald Trump and Melania’s wedding cake, and it was not cheap.

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