Donald Trump's Official Portrait Is Here And People Are Getting Creative With It

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While First Lady Melania Trump's official White House portrait was released earlier in the year, President Trump's was nowhere to be found.

Trump assumed office back in January, but it took nine whole months to release his long-awaited official portrait.

Unlike his wife, who had her photo taken by celebrity photographer Regine Mahaux, the 45th president was photographed by White House photographer Shealah Craighead.

Vice-President Mike Pence's portrait was also released at the same time, but it was taken by his photographer, D. Myles Cullen, CNN reports.

White House

The portraits were reportedly not released sooner because Trump was waiting for the renovations of the Oval Office to be completed.

The new photo of the president is a far cry from his inauguration one in which he appeared very unpleasant.

White House

But despite his happier look, the internet had a lot of things to say about the new photos. Some people even put their Photoshop skills to use to alter the images. Let's just say Trump and the White House will not be happy when they see these.

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