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Mothers Do Good Deed By Donating Breast Milk, Health Experts Frown Upon Their Decision

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As much as many mothers like to give their babies breast milk, not all of them have enough.

Whether mothers cannot produce enough, are on medication, have to go in for surgery, or choose not to breastfeed for long after giving birth, there is one unconventional way women are turning to provide quality nutrition for their young baby.

Thousands of new mothers are exchanging breast milk via social media, and health experts are warning against this popular trend.

One UK mother has been able to fill three freezers with her breast milk, and decided to become a breast milk donor to dozens of families across the UK.

Harriet Tutton, 28, joined the Facebook site "Human Milk 4 Human Babies" and has already donated to approximately 20 families.

Some have driven five hours to collect her breast milk!

These Facebook groups with more than 10,000 followers are transferring milk without getting safety clearance, which is worrying the Department of Health and the Food Standards Agency who have previously warned against unregulated practice.

If this goes unsupervised for any longer, health experts are worried about babies getting life-threatening infections.

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