Don't Know What Hairstyle To Go With? Choose One Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Having trouble picking out your next 'do? You don't have to tell us that choosing a hairstyle can be a tough choice. How you wear your hair can reflect so many elements about your personality that you want to choose one that's just right.  

Whether you like low-maintenance because you're always on the go, or you want something fun and natural, take a look at your zodiac for your guiding light for your next trip to the salon.

See what your zodiac says about how you should wear your hair.


If you're born under the Aries sign you will want a style that expresses your confidence, energy and adventurous personality. Since you're always on-the-go and are always busy, the style that is easy and fuss-free is perfect for you.

The typical Aries may go from the gym, then directly to class, teaching or public speaking and they need to stand out with little to no maintenance.

This pixie haircut with some volume on top is exactly what it means to be a risk-taking woman who doesn't have time to mess with her hair in the morning.


As a Pisces, you are a water sign, which makes a wavy, flow, like mermaid curls the perfect for this sign. Pisces are drawn to natural hair with texture that provides a low maintenance style.

This is why a medium to long-length style that is simple and ready to showcase the natural bend of your hair. A simple center part keeps it clean and subtle layers will enhance the natural waves regardless if your hair is thick or fine.


When a Taurus finds a style she like, she sticks to it. That's what makes this shoulder-length lob with soft tips and a simple part a winner. It's refined and polished, but not too harsh or severe which reflects the warm reliable Taurus.

With a hairdo that's not too high maintenance it can easily fall into any situation she finds herself in.


Gemini women are lively, exciting and love variety in their lives. That's why it's important to pick a playful style that perfectly suits her personality.

This short asymmetrical cut shows off her dynamic personality and gives her the chance for many styling opportunities. Since change is important to a Gemini, this cut works well when it's styled with straight, wavy or curly hair.

Light layers in the front are optional, but it's important to let your hair air-dry to allow your natural textures to come through.

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