Don't Know What Hairstyle To Go With? Choose One Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Having trouble picking out your next 'do? You don't have to tell us that choosing a hairstyle can be a tough choice. How you wear your hair can reflect so many elements about your personality that you want to choose one that's just right.  

Whether you like low-maintenance because you're always on the go, or you want something fun and natural, take a look at your zodiac for your guiding light for your next trip to the salon.

See what your zodiac says about how you should wear your hair.


If you're born under the Aries sign you will want a style that expresses your confidence, energy and adventurous personality. Since you're always on-the-go and are always busy, the style that is easy and fuss-free is perfect for you.

The typical Aries may go from the gym, then directly to class, teaching or public speaking and they need to stand out with little to no maintenance.

This pixie haircut with some volume on top is exactly what it means to be a risk-taking woman who doesn't have time to mess with her hair in the morning.


As a Pisces, you are a water sign, which makes a wavy, flow, like mermaid curls the perfect for this sign. Pisces are drawn to natural hair with texture that provides a low maintenance style.

This is why a medium to long-length style that is simple and ready to showcase the natural bend of your hair. A simple center part keeps it clean and subtle layers will enhance the natural waves regardless if your hair is thick or fine.


When a Taurus finds a style she like, she sticks to it. That's what makes this shoulder-length lob with soft tips and a simple part a winner. It's refined and polished, but not too harsh or severe which reflects the warm reliable Taurus.

With a hairdo that's not too high maintenance it can easily fall into any situation she finds herself in.


Gemini women are lively, exciting and love variety in their lives. That's why it's important to pick a playful style that perfectly suits her personality.

This short asymmetrical cut shows off her dynamic personality and gives her the chance for many styling opportunities. Since change is important to a Gemini, this cut works well when it's styled with straight, wavy or curly hair.

Light layers in the front are optional, but it's important to let your hair air-dry to allow your natural textures to come through.

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All the water signs, including Cancer, loves to play up their feminine sides. Cancers in particular enjoy being alpha females so this cut will play on that desire.

This cropped and volume-packed bob guarantees that you will turn heads when you walk into a room. The big, soft and romantic curls represent the loving affection and warmth that she extends to those around her.


Leos love to look fearless, sexy and brave and that's exactly what this style does. Just like a lion, the Leo loves to show off her big, full mane and make a statement with her style.

That doesn't mean that long hair is the best way to go. The shorter looks like this, speaks volumes with big, lush curls!


The Virgo woman always like to look put-together, while also expressing her feminine side. She's a gorgeous goddess who like to channel all-natural beauty, which is why this medium-to-long length cut is perfect for her.

This straight-forward style shows off her natural beauty, all while looking neat, fresh and polished with sleek waves.


Balance, harmony and symmetry is important to the Libra, which is why this neat no-nonsense hairstyle is the perfect pick. The Libra likes to take time to groom herself, so this hairstyle will give her that feel-good time to get it perfect.

She should steer clear of messy or complex styles and go for a long, straight, simple cut instead.


It comes as no surprise that Scorpios are known for being fearless, sexy, passionate and of course intense.

That is why they are well-suited for a cut that is short and bold. They love anything that shows off their strength, power and sultry side which is another reason why this style works.


As a Sagittarius you love to show off your happy, carefree and playful side. so letting your hair do it's natural thing makes sense for this zodiac sign.

A slightly shaggy and layered look works wonders with natural curls or waves and the shorter length makes sure that the Sagittarius won't have to fuss with it too much- something that would no doubt irk them.


Capricorns like Kate Middleton are put-together, professional and ready for anything! With Saturn as their ruler, they tend to gravitate to the straight serious cuts.

A long, layered look with a few curls at the bottom will please their style that is both striking and timeless.


The Aquarius woman loves to show off her bohemian, quirky style and the fact that she loves to have fun. Her hair choice should reflect that!  

A look that is versatile, but offers layers and bangs in a medium length will allow her to experiment with differently looks to suit her mood.

To style, just simply air-dry or blow dry and run a flat iron or curling iron over the mid lengths to add some texture.

Since Aquarians tend to change their mind often, they should avoid any drastic hair styles that they decided would be a good idea on a whim.

What do you think of these suggestions? Would they be something you'd try?

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