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The Dos And Don'ts Of Your Washer And Dryer


When you have a messy situation on your hands (or your shirt) you want to be able to solve the problem fast and efficiently.

While it's easy to toss something through your laundry machines, sometimes it can be a lot more complicated than that.

Before you stain your reputation as laundry queen, check out these 6 tips!


Duvets & Pillows

We've all been told by our mothers to always remove the lining of these articles, but what about the inserts themselves?

Don't let these pieces fester! If your machine is big enough, go right ahead and set them onto a gentle cycle.


This is a Yes/No situation.

Those snazzy sneakers you wear around town? Double check the label, but most are good-to-go!

Your running shoes are a different story. Their material is usually of a higher-quality that a wash cycle can degrade. Better stick to a hand wash for these.

Plush Toys

Kids won't eat their soup, but have no problem feeding it to their teddy bears!

If you have a messy toy to deal with, place them in a protective pillow case and put them through a cycle to come out fresh and good as new!

Now let's take a look at Part 2...



Turns out, not everything can be bunged into the dryer, and it's just as important as sorting colors from whites in the wash.

Always read your tags so that you avoid fading your favorite items!

Silk and Wool

Not everything is dryer friendly!

Expensive materials like silk and wool are not made to handle the intense heat and pressure of a dryer.

Go vintage and hang them out to dry once they have been put through the wash!

Check, Double Check, Triple Check

It's always the one time you didn't make sure to empty your pockets that something horribly wrong happens.

The extra pat down is worth avoiding the catastrophe of leaving a pen, candy, or (heaven forbid) a crayon in the dryer.

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