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Dr. Oz Sparks Debate After Claiming Astrology Can Give Health Advice

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It's impossible to live in America and not know who Dr. Mehmet Oz is.

He's always on TV promoting dubious health products like hot pepper jelly to burn stomach fat or green coffee beans for weight loss.

If Dr. Phil is our country's self-help guru, the Turkish-American is considered our "health guru."

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The television personality strongly believes in the practice of alternative medicine, and is an avid promoter of pseudoscience, which are beliefs that are claimed to be scientific, but have not been backed by science.

The cardiac surgeon promotes detoxes and diets that will have you scratching your head wondering if they will ever work.

He's also an avid believer of homeopathy. Homeopaths strongly believe in the power of potions and the idea of "water memory." They think certain things that are diluted in water can treat anything.

People who follow Dr. Oz's advice are desperate to find a fast cure for whatever ails them.

If you think something on the show is too good to be true, it probably is.

Despite being called a fraud by many Americans, The Dr. Oz Show won its ninth Daytime Emmy in 2018 for Outstanding Informative Talk Show.

Now he's in hot water again after tweeting to his followers to learn more about their health by checking their astrological sign.

The Tweet That Sparked Debate

On June 6, Dr. Oz posted this controversial tweet, which is pictured below.

It was taken down shortly after he posted it, but many people were quick to take a screenshot.

He deleted this tweet after receiving a lot of hate comments, but he later posted a video of this claim.

"Some say that the season of your birth may have an influence on your health. Today, an astrologist is here to share your health horoscope," he wrote in the caption.

Out of curiosity, I clicked through the slideshow and discovered that I'm a Virgo.

Here's what the stars have to say about my health: "Digestion and gastrointestinal issues are the central health problems for many Virgos. The condition of the stomach is a metaphor for how a Virgo may perceive reality."

I can't wrap my head around how millions of people can be afflicted by a certain disease or health problem based on what month they were born.

I'm not the only person who has this sentiment. People on Twitter were quick to put more fuel to the fire that he started.

Negative Reactions

Not Everyone Disagrees With The TV Host

What's your take on this? Are you a fan of Dr. Oz?

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