Dr. Oz Uncovers Some Interesting Details About Costco's Rotisserie Chicken

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If you hold a Costco membership, then you've most likely left the wholesale store on more than one occasion with a rotisserie chicken in hand. But even those of you who don't have the store's card, you have probably eaten their famous chicken at some point.


If you did, then you may have noticed that there is something special about Costco's Kirkland brand seasoned rotisserie chicken that sets it apart from other grocery store varieties.

For years, fans have wondered if it is the chicken itself that's different, or perhaps it's the seasoning or the fact that it is slow roasted in a spit in the store. Some even wonder if the $5 price tag makes you think that the three-pound bird tastes better than it actually is.


Well, after years of back and forth, we finally have answers that can help us explain why the chicken is so addictive.

On a recent episode of The Dr.Oz Show, the medical expert joined forces with food journalist Mark Schatzker to uncover the truth, and they made some interesting conclusions.

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