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When A Passenger Collapsed On His Flight, Dr. Oz Came To The Rescue

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A long-haul flight from New York to Las Vegas is probably the worst possible location for a medical emergency.

But if you are going to pass out during a flight, having the famous TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz as a fellow passenger is pretty lucky.

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In case you didn't know, Oz doesn't just play a doctor on TV. He's a real cardiothoracic surgeon. And when he's not hosting his popular TV show, Oz works as the director of New York-Presbyterian Hospital's Cardiovascular Institute.

That means his fellow passenger was lucky to have the good doctor on board when he collapsed. Oz says that he was alerted to the emergency when "I was grabbed by a stewardess on the plane after a 30-year-old guy collapsed."

It sounds like an episode of Grey's Anatomy, but Dr. Oz didn't hesitate to help the passenger.

Dr. Oz appeared in ads for Turkish Airlines.Turkish Airlines

“I got him to lie on his back and [put] his feet up on the emergency doors, and with that I began to get a reasonable pulse and blood pressure," he told Page Six.

Oz even jury-rigged an EKG machine out of the plane's emergency defibrillator.

But the passenger's condition took a turn for the worse before the plane landed.

Despite Dr. Oz's help, the patient was in rough shape when the plane reached Las Vegas.

Turkish Airlines

“I couldn’t tell if he was having a heart attack or not. His blood pressure was really low but his heart rate was really high," the doctor remembered.

“I was worried about a clot going to his lungs which is common in airplanes. While he was laying on the ground he started to shake and he went from being clammy to he had a temperature of 103 by the time he got to the ER.”

The man was taken straight from the plane to an emergency room, and the doting doctor gave the man his phone number so he could say in touch.

He says doctors later diagnosed the patient with a bad case of the flu, which caused the man to collapse.

Dr. Oz also helped a woman who lost part of her leg after being struck by a taxi.Sony Pictures Television

While fans are praising Dr. Oz for his quick thinking, this isn't even the first time the TV host saved a stranger's life while he was off-duty.

Oz famously rushed to help a British tourist after she was struck by a New York City Taxi. Oz and another man had to tie a tourniquet around the woman's knee after the cab severed part of her leg.

Dr. Oz assists a collapsed runner.KVAL 13

Oz even lent a helping hand to another racer who collapsed during a 5K race in Salt Lake City. Oz, who was hosting the event, treated runner Ken Roosa at the race, and later visited him in the hospital.

Wow! How lucky are these folks to be rescued by the Dr. Oz?!

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