Dr. Phil And James Corden Go Head-To-Head In A Vicious Rap Battle

Here's something I never thought I'd have to ask: did you see the rap battle between James Corden and Dr. Phil?

I'll let you process that sentence for a minute.

Everyone's favorite television doctor was on the show Drop The Mic, which is a spin-off of one of Corden's more popular segments on his Late Late show. Two celebrities team up for a rap battle, each trying to out-rap the other.

It's pretty funny to think about Dr. Phil, the man who gives out advice to troubled families and individuals, rapping his way through a competition vs. James Corden, the British TV star who loves to sing in cars with celebrities.

Corden took on Dr. Phil, and I think we all kind of thought it might be a little bit boring. But we were all WRONG.

Corden starts off by taking shots at Phil's ego and his allegiance to Oprah, and it seemed pretty tame. But then Phil shoots back with some pretty sweet rhymes about Corden's weight and lack of talent.

"If you're next to Dr. Phil, you've messed up your life. I don't know who I feel worse for, your guests or your wife," Corden spits out. "I respect your career, it's too hard to pass. I'm surprised you can rap with your head up Oprah's ass."


"You just had a baby, is that really true? I was just about to ask when you were due," Dr. Phil fires back. "You're a big producer, and a huge loser. Only dude I know who puts burgers in a juicer."


SERIOUSLY. This gets really intense, really quickly and I loved every minute of it.

Take a look for yourself and see it all happen.

Even if you think neither of them wrote their own lyrics, you've gotta hand it to them for taking a couple of shots below the belt!

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