Dr. Phil's 10 Life Laws Can Help Everyone Live Their Best Life

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Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few decades, you know that Dr. Phil McGraw is world-renowned for his life advice. You can see him on TV everyday helping troubled people change their lives for the better, but he's also a best-selling author and a successful businessman and philanthropist. If there's anyone who can help you get your life on track it's him, but that's easier said than done. Even if you have a stack of Dr. Phil's books sitting in your bedroom, you might feel unfulfilled, like you're struggling to make a meaningful change.

This is the perfect starting point: Dr. Phil has condensed his wisdom into his 10 Life Laws. Along with being great advice, they're also a helpful way to identify exactly what you're not doing to change your life, and what to focus on next.

1. You either get it, or you don't.

If you often feel like your life is totally directionless, start here. Dr. Phil says that your goal is to become "one of those who gets it," a person who has a strategy for their life and a plan to accomplish their goals. That means being open to change and ready to learn, but also using all your knowledge and skills to stick to your plans for the future.

2. You create your own experience.

Nobody wants to be one of those people who are always blaming somebody else, or their own bad luck, or anything but themselves for their faults.

Owning up to your shortcomings can actually be empowering. It lets you remind yourself that you have control over the parts of life that bother you, and the power to fix them. Think hard about your choices, and how they'll impact your life.

3. People do what works.

Life follows the path of least resistance, and you should too. We fall into destructive and rewarding habits because  - usually - they're easier than what we should be doing. Focus on identifying the reward good behavior will bring you in the future, and chart your progress. Also, recognize the hidden impact of your bad behaviors, so you can stop yourself before they become a habit.

4. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.

How can you hope to solve any of your problems if you refuse to face them? Dr. Phil recommends you "get real with yourself about life and everybody in it." Sit down and have a "talk" with yourself about the problems in your life, and how you plan to solve them. Remember, Dr. Phil says "your life is not too bad to fix, and it's not too late to fix it."

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