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Your Recurring Dreams Are Revealing A Lot More About Your Personality Than You Realized

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Everyone dreams while they sleep, it's just whether or not you remember your dream that is the important part. Dreaming can be a crazy experience. You can relive parts of your daily life, you can live out your fantasies and you can even experience crazy things you never could in real life.

Your brain fires off all kinds of crazy images while you sleep, and whether you focus a lot on interpreting your dreams or not, the type of dreams you have can reveal a lot about your personality. There are five common dream types that are linked to different personality types, check out which one matches yours.


1. Falling Dreams

Falling dreams happen to a lot of people, it doesn't matter if you are a kid or a grown up. They start young and seem to follow us for our whole lives. What it means for your personality is that you tend to be obsessed with being in control and are incapable of letting go.

You will notice that you usually dream of falling when something in your life is making you feel out of control. You may be feeling extra critical of yourself or others, but try to remind yourself that not everything in life can be micromanaged.

2. Teeth Falling Out Dreams

The visual of all your teeth falling out is pretty upsetting, but it's happening because you are a bit of a gossip. You may consider yourself a natural story teller, but if you notice that these dreams are occurring frequently, you may want to evaluate the stories you are sharing. If it's pure gossip then perhaps rein it in and be more mindful of the things you are putting out there.

3. Public Nudity Dreams

You are the type of person who struggles with confidence and self-esteem, and dreaming about being naked is your brains way of trying to let you feel free. While you may feel judged in your daily life, your brain is trying to let go and gain a little bit of nurturing for those insecurities.

There are still more dream types that reveal a lot about your personality...

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