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We All Spent Hours Playing Dream Phone, But Where Did All Of Those Dreamy Guys End Up?

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Crushes were a real big deal when you were a preteen. It was awkward and uncomfortable to have to feel all of those feelings, but luckily there was a board game to help us channel some of that angst.

Electronic Dream Phone was invented so that we could awkwardly call a bunch of teen boys without feeling like we were blowing our chances with the real deal.

The fake boys were there for us to see what it was like to converse with a boy, without actually having to do it. But here's the crazy thing, we actually miss those goofballs.

What are all those nice practice boys up to now? Well, you might be thinking 'they were fictional, they aren't up to anything,' but to that I say, "where is your imagination!" Don't worry, I know where all the boys are now, and because there is no Facebook for fictional characters, I'll let you know!


Bruce owns a store that sells second hand electrical equipment. He also DJs kid's birthday parties on the weekends. He's divorced and has a son named Thomas, but don't worry, they all spend Christmas together every year.


Spencer is a professional stuntman now, and moonlights as a wrestler in weird dive bars. He hopes to join the WWE one day, but he's starting to give up on that dream because his joints just aren't what they used to be.


Tony became a cop, and rose through the ranks quickly. He became the youngest detective on the force and did a lot of undercover work. He's been promoted to captain and has his own squad in a small town in Washington.


Matt was so heartbroken when his high school girlfriend broke up with him that he tried to become a monk but when they told him to shave his hair so he backed out. Instead he moved to a busy part of Poland and sells sausages from a cart.


John may have gotten some criticism over those bold color choices, but look who's laughing now! John was most recently seen behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week, putting the final touches on his latest collection. So take that everyone who thought his choices were weird.


Mike sells insurance now, but he's really into (and surprisingly good at) predicting when people are going to die. His charts are scarily accurate, so much so that most of his clients ask for his opinion before they go to the doctor because they want to know how serious it is.


Once Jason put on a shirt that didn't look like it was five different shirts stitched together, he was able to realize his full potential. He joined a theater company and went on tour with a small production of a play about dentists, and when the run was over he was so obsessed with his character that he went to dental hygienist school.


Steve thought his bad-boy charm would take him places, but unfortunately it didn't work out. He ended up getting fired from a bunch of jobs until he realized he needed to shape up. He decided to focus all of his attention on the one thing he secretly was obsessed with all along: pottery. He now has a shop in Arizona where he sells handmade clay pots and bowls and he is now rocking a big long beard.


Bob turned out to have been an undercover cop all along. He was clearly 40 years old in the game, so by now he has retired from the force. He actually passed his job down to Tony after mentoring him for several years.


Paul is an electrician with a wife and three step-daughters. He spends all of his weekends organizing tea parties and teddy bear picnics for the kids in the cul-de-sac because he is also the founder and leader of a parent's group. The problem is, his step-daughters don't really like him that much no matter how hard he tries. Sorry Paul.


Alan went into politics because that has always been his passion. He's on the fast track to being elected senator of Wyoming but on his free time he's hanging out on his goat farm that he owns with four of his friends from college. They bought it as a joke, but then ended up loving it.


Dan may have had a lot of hair happening with the big bowl cut, the intense sideburns, and the very impressive eyebrows, but now he's gotten a new style. He has a job as a celebrity impersonator and goes to birthday parties as either Kevin from the Backstreet Boys or Risky Business Tom Cruise if it's dark.

Those aren't the only dream boys, there are still more that have grown up into fine young men...

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