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Mother Jailed After Driving Into A Pole "To Prove To Her Kids That God Is Real"

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Proving the existence of God to young children is no easy feat. The best you can do is to take them to church and let them feel the powerful spiritual presence of a higher being on their own.

However, some people have their own ways of connecting with and proving the existence of God, and it's not widely embraced by many religious and non-religious communities.

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For example, Kaylee Muthart gouged her eyes out while on a hallucinatory drug in order to be accepted into heaven.

The 20-year-old woman from South Carolina believed the world was "upside down," and heard voices telling her to sacrifice her eyes.

While it may have seemed that Kaylee was happy with her decision, she later went on to say that she regretted doing it. Now the young woman's looking to get prosthetic eyes that match her former ones.

"I want people to know they shouldn't use drugs," she told the Independent Mail about her experience taking marijuana laced with meth. "It manipulates your thought process. Marijuana is a gateway drug. I used to think it wasn't but it is."

While on drugs, Kaylee believed she was sacrificing her eyes for a greater cause, but it's unclear whether this mother-of-two who drove into a pole with her kids in the car was also under the influence.

Police are still investigating what happened, but so far what we do know is quite shocking...

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