Scientists Just Reversed Brain Damage In A 2-Year-Old Who Drowned In A Pool

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Thanks to the ingenuity of several scientists, a 2-year-old who nearly drowned in her family's swimming pool has nearly made a full recovery.

In February 2016, little Eden Carlson got through a baby gate and fell into the 5 degree Celsius water of her family's swimming pool. She was under water for up to 15 minutes before someone found her.

Although rescuers were able to revive her, Eden was still unresponsive to all stimuli after a month of treatment at the hospital.

Eden Carlson nearly drowned in her family pool. She suffered deep injury to her brain from lack of oxygen.CNN

Scientists were ale to restore her ability to walk and talk with a revolutionary treatment regime that could save the lives of many more like little Eden.

Find out how they did it on the next page.

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