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Police Issue Warning Over Drugs Made To Look Like Children's Candies

Hapeville Police Department/Facebook

You can never be too careful when it comes to your safety, especially when it comes to the threat of drugs.

As the apprehension of these illegal substances is a tremendous priority for police, drug dealers are finding new ways to distribute narcotics under the radar - in disguises nearly anyone can fall victim to.

On September 21, Hapeville Police Department issued a warning to parents, teachers and coaches to be on the lookout for any questionable-looking candy, after seizing prescription pills and lollipops disguised to look like the sweet treats, along with two firearms and cash following a major drug bust, just miles away from Atlanta, Georgia.

The drugs, which are also suspected to contain marijuana and powdered cocaine, took on the appearance of Homer Simpson, Hello Kitty and Minions (from the from Despicable Me franchise), which are cartoon characters known to appeal to kids.

"Cpl. Jason Dyer wishes to congratulate his Criminal Investigation Division: CID made a major bust today. The lead Det. M. Sanders, Det. S. Cushing and CSI S. McCollum located two firearms (one stolen), cash, suspected marijuana, pills, cannabis pops, and suspected powder cocaine. The pills and lollipops are designed to look like candy. Parents, teachers and Coaches please make our young people aware of these dangers."

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time the state of Atlanta has faced this problem.

In May, Channel 2 Action News reported authorities from Cobb County had confiscated Cheetos and gummy bears laced with marijuana from a car parked in front of a local strip mall.

“Packages that included the name brands you would associate with Cheetos, with Reese’s Pieces with Lemonheads with Sour Patch Kids,” said Chuck McPhilamy, with the Marietta Police Department. "Very concerning to me as a parent that they were made to look like candy."

Ernia Bell was working next door when the drug bust occurred, and said she was blindsided by the discovery.

"It’s just a shocker because you would just think it’s regular candy if it wasn’t in that packaging," Bell said. "You have to watch out. It’s a big concern."

[H/T: Channel 2 Action News]

Share this warning with your friends and family to keep them mindful if they spot any similar cartoon-shaped candies!

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