Some Of The Duggars Actually Have Jobs, Believe It Or Not

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You can criticize the Duggar family all you want, but the brood does something most families in American can't: they live debt-free. The Duggars don't use credit cards or loans, only paying cash for things if they can afford it. Yes, this includes houses!

"We saved up and paid cash for our second house 18 years ago, then spent a year remodeling to get it fixed up to be livable," Jim Bob Duggar said. "But then we didn't have house payments. We don’t have any debt, so it makes it easier to live."

This decision to live debt-free has been passed down to their kids (or so they say), so how do the Duggars manage to make enough money to support their lifestyle. Let's just say some are more stable than others!

Jim Bob and Michelle

Duggar Family

Let's start with mom and dad Duggar. Jim Bob Duggar had a successful career as a politician before retiring and becoming a real estate agent. He currently has a successful commercial and residential real estate business, and also goes on public speaking tours. He's been known to lobby for Republican candidates during election periods, as well.

As for Michelle, her job is keeping the family in line! The mom of 19(!) does all the bargain hunting for the family.

"In the past, Michelle's gone to garage sales and bought shoes for a dollar," Jim Bob revealed. "We probably spend less on clothing than what a family of four would spend. We spend a lot of money on food — $3,000 a month on food and diapers and that type of stuff."

So what about the kids?

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