You Can Spend Valentine's Day With The Duggars, For A Price

The Duggars are always in the news for one reason or another, and a lot of the time it has to do with controversial topics. Some people accuse the family of exploiting their kids to make money, especially after Josh Duggar's molestation scandal.

Jessa, the fifth of the 19 kids, decided she wanted to give a lecture at a women's retreat in Middletown, Ohio on "dressing modestly" about two years ago. That in itself wasn't why people were upset (although it's 2017 and it all seems a little 'old fashioned.') It came out that girls under the age of 9, and men of all ages, were completely banned from the lecture. In addition, Jessa was charging $50 per ticket, even though she's still bringing in a ton of money from her TLC appearances.


A lot of people pointed out that Jessa was using her religion and beliefs to cash in, which is not what it should be about. If Jessa truly wanted to teach about dressing modestly, she could do it free of charge.

But it seems like Jessa came by her idea honestly, because her parents are now offering people the chance to spend Valentine's Day with them...for a price.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are offering a lecture on the secrets of long marriages and how to successfully date, called "Date Night With The Duggars."

The event, which falls on Valentine's Day, costs $15 per person and will also provide dinner for the guests. Michelle will also be hosting a "Mom Q & A" four hours prior to the main event.

You won’t want to miss this great event!

Posted by Duggar Family Official on Saturday, February 3, 2018

The couple has spoken openly about their secrets to marriage before, with Michelle says her husband's spontaneity helps.

“I realized that [my need to prepare] was squelching Jim Bob’s creativity and fun spirit — both things that I really love about him,” she said. “I had to let go of that urge to plan everything. And when I did, it brought such a wonderful new dimension to our marriage.”


However, while the event seems like a sweet way to spend Valentine's Day, there's a big problem with the date: it also happens to fall on Ash Wednesday.

For those unfamiliar, Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent in Western Christianity. Adults 14 and older must fast on Ash Wednesday, according to tradition. Granted, most people don't go so far as to fast, but considering the Duggars follow the Bible closely, it's odd that they would offer a dinner event on a sacred day.

Of course, it's possible that the family's branch of religion, which they've never explicitly divulged, may not recognize Ash Wednesday.

Overall, the responses were positive, as people asked the couple to go all over the country so fans could attend. However, others accused the Duggars of leaving their kids at home with their eldest daughter, Jana, yet again.

Do you think they should have moved the date to accommodate Ash Wednesday?

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