Josh Duhamel Has A Controversial "Want" For His Next Partner


Josh Duhamel and Fergie were a celebrity power couple for over a decade. Their ups and downs were lived on the front page of tabloids and online for all to see. That's not an easy environment to have a relationship in, especially when a partner cheats.

So it came as no surprise when, in September 2017, the pair went their separate ways. The two share parenting responsibilities for their 5-year-old son, Axl Jack. The couple got together in 2003 and were newspaper mainstays for much of that time.

In 2009, word leaked of Duhamel's inappropriate relationship with an Atlanta stripper. He admitted to going to the strip club, but denied any untoward affair. In an interview with Oprah, the couple actually said the negative headlines made them stronger.

"When you go through difficult times, it really makes you stronger as a unit, as a partnership," Fergie said at the time.

It seems that the alleged affair wasn't the thing that came in between the loving couple. It was actually kids.

Fergie spoke to Oprah about their plans for the future, including having children. She said she talked Duhamel down from wanting five kids.

"Two is our number," she said.

After having baby Axl Jack, the couple apparently put plans for a sibling on hold, and it seems Fergie had no intention of having another.

"I felt that it was either going to be another baby or an album," she told Allure in 2015.

Now the couple is no more, but they remain friendly. Duhamel spoke at length about Fergie's great parenting skill.

Duhamel has been hitting the dating scene and the 45-year-old had a relationship with 28-year-old actress Eiza Gonzalez. They ultimately split because of their busy work schedules.

The single Duhamel outlined what he's looking for in his next relationship on Dax Shepard's podcast Armchair Expert.

"I want to have kids in the next few years, so it's more about finding someone young enough to have kids," he said.

Aw, true romance.

Naturally, people online had lots to say about his statement.

Lots of people pointed out that you should probably like the person you want to raise a fmaily with, and just wanting a family isn't quite enough to make a relationship work.

Of course, simply being a hot actor shouldn't be enough to make you a husband but most reactions were also:

Looks like, despite the somewhat outdated requirements, Duhamel will have his pick of the litter.

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