During a routine procedure a surgeon made a disgusting discovery inside a man's foot [Video]

A lot of us ignore little scraps, cuts, slivers and the like because they don't cause us a lot of pain, but this video clip shows us why we need to pay more attention to the little things that happen to our bodies.

When a man in Sao Paulo, Brazil finally sought medical treatment for a bothersome ingrown toe nail he didn't expect that his toe was home to crawling maggots.

The surgeon was performing a routine "nail avulsion" in which they strip away pieces of the nail that are digging into the patient's skin. This surgeon had just removed the nail and pushed out puss and blood when she made the startling discovery.

Blood poured out, and along with it: two writhing maggots.

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She calmly picked them out and placed them down and continued the procedure.

As disgusting as it is these types of discoveries aren't uncommon in Brazil. When people don't clean or wrap their wounds well enough flies and other bugs may get in and lay their eggs. Since the skin is dead most times people don't even realize what's happening.

Oddly enough the maggots might actually have saved this man his toe. They eat dead skin which can help protect against gangrene.

Watch the video here:

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