The Rock's Experience In The Delivery Room Is Something Every Man Should Have

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The Rock's Experience In The Delivery Room Is Something Every Man Should Have

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I gave birth twice and the look on my husband's face was hilarious each time.

He stood behind me, holding my hand, trying to encourage me through one of the most painful experiences in my life, but he looked petrified.

Don't get me wrong, giving birth to the most precious thing in your life is beautiful, but it is overwhelming to witness - especially when you see the mother is drenched in sweat and screaming at the top of her lungs.

Even a family man like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson avoided standing below the drape when his first two girls were born.

But when his youngest daughter was being born, Johnson did something he never did before...

Welcoming his third daughter

Johnson and his longtime girlfriend Lauren Hashian welcomed their now two-month-old daughter, Tiana Gia, on April 23, 2018.

The Baywatch actor also has two other daughters, 16-year-old Simone and 2-year-old Jasmine.

In a touching Instagram post, the beloved celebrity wrote:

"Blessed and proud to bring another strong girl into this world. Tiana Gia Johnson came into this world like a force of nature and [her mama] labored and delivered like a true rockstar. I was raised and surrounded by strong, loving women all my life, but after participating in baby Tia's delivery, it's hard to express the new level of love, respect and admiration I have for [Lauren] and all mamas and women out there."
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He also had a "word to the wise gentleman:"

"It's critical to be by your lady's head when she's delivering, being as supportive as you can ... holding hands, holding legs, whatever you can do."

He added that if a man wants to truly experience and understand the "most powerful and primal moment in life," they should actually watch their child being born.

"It's a life changer and the respect and admiration you have for a woman, will forever be boundless."

In a recent interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the 46-year-old actor went into detail about that special day.

What exactly happened on that miraculous day

For Tiana's birth, Johnson went to watch by his girlfriend's feet.

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"I will say, it was the most amazing experience I've ever seen. I look at Lauren, and women and mothers, in a different light than I ever have before. And it was beautiful.

I was encouraging her "” holding her hand. And the doctor said, "˜Would you like to come down and watch and help?' " Johnson recalled. "I said, "˜Yup, I'm going to come down. Watch. Help.'

I'm holding legs, everything. And out comes the baby," he added, "I know, right? Crazy. "˜Cause you roll the dice. You don't know how it's going go to go. A lot of stuff happens."

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His 33-year-old girlfriend was so proud of him. She even made a touching tribute to Johnson on Father's Day.  

"I'm so grateful. We're so grateful. There is really no other like you," she wrote. "Endlessly loving... And just to receive their love back makes you the happiest Daddy on the planet. That's why... Happy Father's Day to our man, our protector, our heart. Thank you for being the best Dad & partner and I love you!"

The Rock is such an inspiration! Did your husband watch you give birth?

Johnson says his father taught him to be a man and a father. Read the full story here!


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