Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Has Some Serious Feelings About Canada

The Rock has made his way into the hearts of...well, basically everyone at this point.

From his professional wrestling days, when he really wanted us to smell what he was cooking:

To when he started acting in The Mummy Returns:

To when he was in the Baywatch reboot:

To when he was in the new Disney movie Moana:

And of course, his famed fanny pack picture.

Though many people think wrestling was his first gig, it was actually doing something totally different up in Canada.

In 1995, Dwayne Johnson was playing football in the Canadian Football league for the Calgary Stampeders.

22 years after his Canadian adventure, Dwayne Johnson posted a video on Instagram about his true feelings for our neighbors to the north.

Seems like Dwayne still holds great memories of the country. We're so glad he got cut from that CFL, because now we get to see him become a big star!

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