Mom and Daughter Were Both Battling Terminal Diseases, But They Didn't Give Up Hope

Mothers and daughters share a special bond.

For Heather and London Wilson, their bond is unlike any other.

The mother-of-three was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in the summer of 2016. She immediately started treatments to keep the disease at bay.

A few days before Christmas, the family received some devastating news that they weren't expecting.

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Her 14-month-old daughter, London had a yolk sac tumor near her ovaries.

After noticing blood in London's diaper, this mom is devastated that her daughter will be in this fight as well.

“All I heard was ‘tumor’ and ‘childhood cancer,’” the Georgia mother, tells Us. “I’ve never felt what I felt at that moment. My body was convulsively crying like, ‘This is my fight. This is my fight, not my baby’s.’”

Now this mother and daughter are in the fight for their lives as they battle cancer together.


Heather’s aunt, Pam Hunt, told the Today Show, “Heather is a warrior, and London is a warrior just like her mom. No young mother should have to be fighting what she’s fighting anyway, and now her daughter has to have the same fight. It just seems like it’s one in a million.”

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The mother and daughter duo are drawing strength from each other while in treatment at Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University in Atlanta.

London doesn’t even act like anything is different. She’s so strong,” Heather said. “She loves music. She loves to dance. She’ll throw her hand up and drop her little booty! And she loves to climb.”

“She looked like Little Debbie on the little box … she had that many curls. Now they’re all gone and it’s really hard.”

Now 17 months old and having undergone 4 months of intensive chemotherapy London and her family were anxiously waiting for news about the state of her disease.


“I’ve just been praying and praying and praying,” Heather told Fox 10. Earlier in the day, London had undergone a CT scan and the family was waiting for the results.

“I just have this strong feeling that she’s going to be okay,” Heather said.


Finally, Dr. Bradley George, the pediatric oncologist came out and delivered the news to the anxious family.

“I’ve got all good news,” he said. “It’s gone. I don’t see anything.”

The family's prayers have been answered! While Heather still has a long fight of her own ahead, she no longer has to worry about her baby girl.

“I know I’m crying, but I’m so happy,” Heather said. “I’m so happy!”