Ease Cravings for Sugar, Salt and Fat In 3 Easy Steps


Ease Cravings for Sugar, Salt and Fat In 3 Easy Steps

We are inundated with nutritional information on all of the food we eat.

From the menus at restaurants telling you how many calories you will consume with your dinner to your gas station drinks explaining the sodium content, we can no longer pretend that we don't know what the food we are consuming does to our bodies.

But that doesn't stop those cravings for a donuts, ice cream or candy bar from happening.

Common Ground

1. Ask Questions

How hungry are you? Often you are mistaking hunger being you are actually dehydrated. So chug a glass of water, wait half an hour and ask yourself again.

What have you eaten so far today? Have you had something with protein, fat, carbohydrates? Notice which is lacking and fill the void with a healthy, yet delicious option that you will enjoy.

How are you feeling? Often our mood is linked to the food we consume. Are you feeling anxious, lonely, sad or bored? You could be eating for comfort and looking for reassurance from eating something that may not be good for you. Try boosting your mood by going for a walk, calling a friend or cooking a well-balanced meal.

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2. Weigh Your Options

Do you crave sweets or salty treats? Reach for healthier alternatives to quench the urge for something in particular. If you are craving something cold, reach for some frozen grapes or even a smoothie. Need a satisfying crunch? Try some crisp veggies with hummus or peanut butter. If you find yourself reaching for soda, try flavored sparkling water or kombucha to get that fizzy feeling.

3. Become More Aware

Focus on the benefits of the food you are ingesting and how you feel after you eat it. Fuel your body with health-focused foods and you will notice more energy and less 'crashes' throughout the day. Consider your portion sizes as well. Instead of denying yourself treats, limit the quantity and have a small portion of it instead.

Junk food contains a lot of calories and very little nutrition that your body needs to run smoothly. While it may look, smell and taste fantastic, after it is consumed these foods do not provide amble nutrition to fuel your body throughout the day, so you become hungry again quickly.

As with any lifestyle change, consistency is everything. After a few weeks of practicing healthier eating habits, cravings will ease off significantly until they become a rare occurrence and possibly vanish all together.