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Egg Hacks That Will Transform Your Breakfast

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Making eggs can sometimes be a huge pain. From the yolk breaking, to shells ending up in your breakfast, it seems like they are the biggest hassle ever.

Making breakfast doesn't have to be that frustrating, here are hacks to make cooking eggs a breeze, no matter how you like them made!

Cracking eggs

This can honestly be the most frustrating part of the egg making process. How many times have we all had to go digging into the slimy mess to get that tiny part of the shell that decided to fly off when you cracked it?

1. Flat surfaces

Try cracking your eggs on a flat surface rather than on a corner of a bowl. Doing this will prevent tiny bits of the shell from breaking off and falling into the bowl.

2. Egg shell scoop

If you still get little pieces of the shell in the egg, use the egg shell to scoop it up. This will save you time and the sliminess getting on your fingers.

This will solve the constant dilemma of eating shells for breakfast.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiling eggs is an extremely painful process. Luckily there are some ways to make it easier.

1. Baking soda boil

When boiling them, put in a small amount of baking soda to raise the PH which prevents them from sticking.

2. Blow removal

When cracking them, crack the top and bottom of the egg on a flat surface, take the bit of shell from the top and bottom, and then blow on the egg. This will remove the rest of the shell with no peeling involved.

3. Shake removal

Another (and probably the coolest) way, is once your egg is boiled, fill a pot with a small amount of water, not completely covering the egg. Then take a plate and place it on top of the pot, and shake it. After only a few seconds you will see that the shell has completely fallen off the egg.

4. Spoon removal

The final way, is to crack the shell on a flat surface, then slide a spoon under the already cracked shell, and turn the egg. This will remove the shell clean and easily.

Try these different hacks out and see which removal is easiest for you.

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