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Hidden Camera Captures Elderly Abuse That Horrifies Victim's Daughters

Daily Mirror

When you're a baby, your parents are always there for you. And when your parents get older, you're there for them.

That's how I envisioned it to be when I was a kid, but then the realities of life started to sink in.

My parents, who both worked highly stressful jobs and long hours, did not have the time to take care of my grandmother.

When she was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, my dad had no choice but to put her in a nursing home.

It pained every single one of us when we separated, but we thought it was for the best.

After spending a few months in a care home facility, I noticed that my grandmother's behavior was strange every time I would visit her.

Her eyes would well up with tears, but it wasn't only because she missed us. I noticed bruises on her hands and arms that were in the shape of a hand print.

At the time, we didn't think of putting a hidden camera in her room to check to see if she was being mistreated. (That happened decades ago, where the only camera you could get wasn't easy to hide.)

As the aging population is on the rise, you'd think people would be more cognizant about taking care of the elderly. Don't they deserve it?

Three Daughters Capture Shocking Footage

Kelly Lewis and Michele Lewis.Daily Mirror

Joy Lewis from Nottinghamshire, UK is one of many people with Alzheimer's that are taken care of in nursing homes.

The daughters of the 71-year-old woman were hoping their mother would get the necessary help and attention she needs, considering her condition.

After visiting their mother several times at Brookside House Care Home, they were suspicious of the quality of treatment she was receiving.

"She had bruises on her wrists and was covered in bed sores," Joy's daughter, Kelly, said.

So they did what any concerned family member would do at a time like this: They set up a hidden camera disguised as a clock.

"I felt so guilty and my heart was thumping as I set it up ... What it recorded was a shock. Anyone who can treat another person like that is a vile creature. Watching the footage, seeing mum crying, was heartbreaking," Kelly said.

According to the Daily Mirror, the footage revealed three nurses dragging Joy "out of bed by her wrists, refusing the diabetic OAP food and drink and ignoring her pleas to use the toilet."

The workers pleaded guilty, but managed to escape jail time.

"We feel angry their sentences were suspended. They only pleaded guilty because it was all on tape," Joy's eldest daughter, Teresa, said.

This Isn't The First Time A Hidden Camera Has Captured Horrific Abuse

A few months ago, 89-year-old Hussein Younes was harassed both physically and verbally during his stay at a Michigan nursing home.

After Hussein suffered a stroke, one side of his body went limp, preventing him from being able to do simple tasks with ease.

Younes reportedly lost a lot of weight during the short time he was admitted to the nursing home and would have "anxiety attacks causing him to shake, quiver, grunt, and yell."

His family also found cuts and bruises on his skin.

His six children filed a civil lawsuit alleging that their father was denied water and a button to press for immediate assistance.

"[W]hat happened to me and my dad and my family, what we've been through, is unbearable," his son, Salim, told Hometown Life. "The purpose that I'm here (for) is to let the world know that this place is no good. I don't advise anybody to put their family over there."

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