Elderly Couple Get Into Some Trouble On Mall Escalator

Sometimes in life we make choices that we instantly regret. While some of us will fix the mistake and move on, others like to think of it as a challenge and continue to go through with it.

An older couple spotted at a shopping mall going the wrong way down an escalator are a great example of the latter group.

It's unclear whether or not they caught onto their mistake and refused to correct it or they're trying to achieve the impossible, but they appeared very determined to get to their destination at the bottom of the stairs.

The confused pair seemed unfazed by the other shoppers going past them in the opposite direction and didn't stop for a moment to question why the ground isn't getting closer despite being on the escalator for as long they have.

A man caught the video of the committed couple on the escalator to nowhere and uploaded it on YouTube titled The Third Coming. The clip has since gone viral and people have been coming up with possible explanations.

One YouTube user, Richard Anderson, commented: "That's pure genius. They are clearly exercise gurus, employing some clever eccentric muscle work, or negative reps. Building strong legs is important I'm going to incorporate that into my routine."

Another user, pemdasi, is convinced that this a case of denial after messing up: "This is what happens when you totally commit after f***ing up."

You can watch the video for yourself and find out if they managed to make it to the bottom or not. Perhaps you'll be able to come up with an explanation of your own.

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