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98-Year-Old Mother Moves to Retirement Home to Take Care of 80-Year-Old Son

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Liverpool Echo

You never stop being a mother.  

80-year-old Tom Keating has lived with his 98-year-old mother, Ada Keating, for his entire life in Liverpool, England.

Ada and her late husband had four children: Tom, the eldest child, and three daughters, one who passed away at the age of 13.

"Ada's granddaughter Debi Higham and other members of the family are regular visitors to the care home on Page Moss Lane, and say they are happy Ada and Tom can be together again."Daily Mail

Tom never married and became a painter and decorator. His mother was an auxiliary nurse at a local hospital.

The mother and son are said to have a special bond and have always enjoyed each other's company.

But when Tom needed additional care and support in 2016, Tom had to move to a retirement home.

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