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Elephant Herd Bands Together To Save Baby From Hungry Lions

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There is no doubt that baby elephants really know how to find their way into mischief.

Whether they're attempting a piggyback gone hilariously wrong, or they fall into a pool in their zoo enclosure, baby elephants are no doubt adorable and funny to watch.

It doesn't matter if they're at the zoo or out in the wild, baby elephants' antics have us laughing hysterically.

Just watch this little one take a break to slide down this muddy slope just for fun.

Asian elephants tend to be smaller than their African counterparts, but their populations continue to fall.

This is mostly due to habitat loss, and human activity destroying the ancient rainforests that they live in.

Poaching continues to be a major threat as animals are being killed for their ivory and skin.

So it's more important than ever that these elephants band together to protect each other.

When a baby elephant gets stuck in a water trough, its mother calls for aid before the lions can close in on the young one.

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