Ellen And Oprah Cause Chaos While Grocery Shopping For The First Time In Years

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How often do you do groceries? Once a week? Most people have a pretty good grasp on their local grocery and what they need. You know how much to get for your family, how to pick proper produce, and how to get in and out without spending too much time or money.

Every Dollar

But as everyone likes to point out, celebrities don't often have to endure the insanity that is a grocery store on a Saturday afternoon. They have "people" to do that, for the most part.

Take, for example, Oprah Winfrey. Have you heard of her?

She's worth over 3 BILLION DOLLARS. Safe bet she's not walking into a Safeway any time soon.

Same goes for Ellen DeGeneres, who is worth over $200 million.

Good Housekeeping

The two decided to team up and hit the grocery store, which Winfrey says she hasn't set foot in since Thanksgiving 2016. As for Ellen, she admits it's been "years" since she's been in one.

It turned out...well about as well as you think it would.

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