Ellen Sends Her Producer Through A Haunted House And He Absolutely Hates It

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Ellen Sends Her Producer Through A Haunted House And He Absolutely Hates It

Every show needs a producer to keep it all running. Producers are there to make sure everything goes well during a taping or live performance, and that's especially true on a talk show. For Ellen DeGeneres, that person is Andy Lassner.

Lassner has been with the show since its inception as the executive producer, but he does a little more than your average producer would. Most of the time, off-screen staff stay off-screen. But over the years, Ellen has included Andy in many of her sketches and bits.

Andy is a funny, often reluctant, good sport when it comes to all the schemes Ellen thinks up. Well...almost all of them. You see, Andy doesn't like to be scared. He doesn't like surprises. He just wants to be left alone. But Ellen won't let that happen. Every year, she sends Andy and a celebrity to a haunted house and films their reaction. It never disappoints.

This year, Ellen sent Andy to a haunted house with American Horror Story actress Sarah Paulson. The result is exactly what you would expect!

Andy and Sarah Paulson went to the American Horror Story maze at Universal Studios. To say Andy was terrified is the understatement of the century! He figured Paulson would be fine, since the house is based off her show.

"You're going to take the lead!" Lassner told her.

"No. No I'm not," she replied.

"I need you be stronger," Lassner says.

You have to check out this amazing segment from Ellen!

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