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Ellen Makes Him Take A Spelling Test As Revenge, But She Makes It All Worth It

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Being a teacher is not an easy job. It requires patience, skill, and an ability to connect with kids that not everyone has.

Joe Dombrowski is one of those people. Recently, Dombrowski went viral for his hilarious April Fool's prank on his fourth grade students. He gave them a spelling test with some outrageously made up words, but kept a straight face the entire time.

If you haven't seen the video, this is it.

Hilarious, right? The kids are so upset!

The video went viral, and somehow Dombrowski found himself on Ellen, interviewing with the talk show host!

"I play pranks on the staff and the students quite a bit," says Dombrowski. "I'll do anything. I just...I like to make sure the kids are having fun."

Ellen decided it was Dombrowski's turn to take a spelling test, but his reward for getting the words right left me in tears!

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