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Elton John To Make Announcement About His Future


Elton John is reportedly retiring from the limelight.

The legendary musician is expected to announce he will quit touring after more than 50 years in the entertainment industry.

According to the Daily Mirror, John, 70, who has been plagued by poor health in recent years, is set to make an official announcement at 12:30 p.m. today.

"A wrinkle in time. Past meets present... You'll finally see where the future lies...," the Grammy Award winner posted on Twitter.

John will be ending his Las Vegas show, dubbed The Million Dollar Piano, on May 19, after performing more than 200 concerts. This is the father-of-two's second residency, as he previously had The Red Piano show from 2004 to 2009.

The famed singer was forced to cancel a series of his show dates earlier this year after he contracted a vicious bug while performing in Chile. John reportedly spent two nights in intensive care, and another 12 extra days in the hospital, after he became "violently" ill on a flight back to Britain.

His 55-year-old husband, David Furnish said that it had been a terrifying experience for him and their children, Zachary, seven, and Elijah, five, and they were all "very frightened and very scared."

"The kids understood daddy wasn't well. They didn't know the seriousness of it, obviously, but they came to visit him in hospital as that was an important part of keeping the patient's spirits up," Furnish said.

"We didn't give them the full lowdown because we didn't want to overwhelm them," Furnish continued.

"It was a very rare bacterial infection," he added. "He was very, very sick. But all is well that ends well. He's in a great place now. He's back to work and on full form."

Fans shouldn't be too surprised at John's retirement, as he spoke about his desire to spend more time with his family in the past few years.

In 2012, John said he eventually plans on retiring from music to fully concentrate on his sons.

"I'm going to keep working. When Zachary goes to school, that's another different thing. I want to take him to school and I want to pick him up. I don't want to miss that part of his childhood," John told the BBC.

He also hinted earlier this year that at his old age has been taking a toll on him.

"You're only as old as you feel inside. There are days when I am not feeling as physically good as I could," John said. "There will come a time when I will want to stop touring. Maybe I want to have more time with my boys... There will be a decision made in the next six months probably."

John began his music career in 1967 and has sold more than 300 million records to date. He also has more than 50 top 40 hits, including "Rocket Man," "Tiny Dancer," and "Your Song."

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