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Elton John's Nine Year Feud With His Mother Ends In Tragedy

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Elton John has revealed that he has lost his beloved mother at the age of 92, just months after they healed their long rift.

The 70-year-old star had not spoken to his mother, Sheila Farebrother, for around nine years until the past May.

Sheila had been a constant support throughout her son's extraordinary career, until a rift tore their relationship apart.

Elton and his mother in 1976Daily Mail

The fallout happened in 2008 after she allegedly refused his request not to talk to two of their oldest friends.

She reportedly shared that her son had called out of the blue and asked her to cut off all contact with Bob Halley, Elton's driver turned personal assistant, whom he fired after more than 30 years of service. He also request she refrain from talking to John Reid, with who he had a falling out with.

"I told him: 'I'm not about to do that and drop them. Bob is like a son to me. He has always been marvellous to me and he lives nearby and keeps an eye on me,'" Sheila shared.

The response from her son shocked her.

"To my utter amazement, he told me he hated me. And he banged the phone down. Imagine! To me, his mother!" she said.


His mother also went on to say in 2015 that she believed that David Furnish attempted to take control of her son's life, at the expense of his old friends.

Sir Elton, with his mother and husband David Furnish after being knighted in 1998Daily Mail

She also claimed that Elton never told her when she became a grandmother to Elijah and Zachary, which sparked further fury to their relationship.

During their feud it was said that Elton continued to support Sheila financially, paying for her living accommodations.

On his mother's 90th birthday, in March 2015, Elton broke the silence between them for the first time in seven years, by sending Sheila white orchids.

From there they continued to work on their reconciliation until Elton properly confirmed it on Mother's Day this year.

"Dear Mum,Happy Mother's Day! So happy we are back in touch. Love,Elton xo," he wrote on Instagram in May.

Dear Mum, Happy Mother's Day! So happy we are back in touch. Love, Elton xo

A post shared by Elton John (@eltonjohn) on

After losing nine years together and just getting their relationship back, Elton was in shock to hear of his mother's passing.

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