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Elton John Shares The Exact Moment Prince Harry Told Him He Was In Love With Meghan Markle

With Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's fairytale wedding quickly approaching, royal watchers can't get enough of the intimate details of their love story.

Now music legend Elton John - who recently announced his farewell tour - has gotten on the bandwagon, and publicly revealed the story of when Harry told him he was in love with Markle.

John, who has known Harry since he was an infant (he was a close friend to the late Princess Diana), told Lorraine host, Lorraine Kelly, he could tell the prince was in love when they spent time together last summer in Sicily.

"He didn't discuss it much, but he said 'I'm in love,'" John said. "Both those boys seem to be ecstatically happy and that's great. I'm happy for him and I hope he has a wonderful day."

However, John was mum on if he'd be performing on the pair's big day, as he said nothing had been decided yet.

"I'm playing in Vegas so I have no idea what's going to happen," John added.

The "Rocket Man" singer also said he thinks Harry's mother would be incredibly proud of both of her sons.

Diana, who was married to Prince Charles from 1981 to 1996, passed away in 1997 following a car accident in France.

John said the late royal was beloved by the public as she could walk in a room, and make everyone feel as if they've known her all their life - a trait Harry has inherited.

"It's an incredible talent to have," John said. "She was much loved."

"She was a controversial figure in many respects, but not to me. She was a great friend to me, we had our fall outs but we made up before the end," John continued.  

"She would be proud of her boys and they're doing a great job and I'm proud of them too."

During the interview, John also spoke about his health scare last year: "I was very very close to death, I didn't know that, I was very fortunate I had a great deal of doctors."

John elaborated on how the scare made him reevaluate how much time he was spending with his husband, David Furnish, and their two sons, seven-year-old Zachary and five-year-old Elijah.

"You think about your mortality and think I want to spend more time with the boys," John said. "You think you're solid and nothing is going to stop you.

"Things happen for a reason and we made this decision to come off the road and this has reinforced it," he concluded.

Did you know Elton John and Prince Harry have a close relationship?

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