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Take A Look Inside Elvis Presley's Mobile Home Featuring A Gold Tub

On Saturday, August 25, GWS Auctions hosted a "Legends: Iconic Film & Music Memorabilia Auction" and one high bidder was able to add the late Elvis Presley's mobile home to their real estate portfolio.

The King of Rock and Roll purchased the famous Delta mobile home in 1967, and parked it at "Circle G Ranch," located on his 163-acre Graceland, Tennessee estate.

The "Heartbreak Hotel" singer and his ex-wife Priscilla Presley even spent part of their honeymoon at the trailer. The couple spent the rest of their getaway at a custom-built house in Palm Springs, California.

Over the years, the musician used the two-bedroom mobile home as his private retreat whenever he needed a getaway that wasn't too far from his Graceland mansion.

"The iconic mobile home gives the high bidder a chance to own an early piece of Elvis Presley history and one, which many believe, also shared in the happiest years of his life," read a press release from GWS Auctions.

Unlike Graceland, which is open to the public, most of us may never get the chance to step foot inside the vintage trailer. But luckily, there are enough photos that give us a glimpse into how The King lived.

Check it out:

According to the California-based auction house, the home, which was owned by a museum until recently, did undergo some remodeling since Elvis' death.

However, the original design hasn't been touched.

The highest bidder was presented with a "notarized bill of sale which was signed by Elvis himself."

Typical of homes at the time, Elvis' abode is covered in wood-paneled walls and floors.

GWS Auctions also revealed that Elvis once spent "three weeks straight on the ranch" in between filming the film Clambake.

Although the pale blue kitchen added a pop of color to the wooden interior, most can agree that the best part of the home is the bathroom.

Fit for a king, the sink and bathtub are gold-plated and the walls are painted red.

The bid started at $13,000, but the 60 feet long home fetched a cool $67,650, according to Times Square Chronicles.

The mobile home wasn't the only item that belonged to Elvis that was up for sale. People had the opportunity to bid on his personal annotated bible, his racquetball racquet, and his 1977 Sea-Mist Cadillac Seville, the last car he purchased before his death in 1977.

What do you think of Elvis' mobile home?

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