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Lonely Stray Dog Finds Comfort On An Old Armchair, But Now He's Ready For His Forever Home

No dog should have to endure what this sweet boy did. He was found living on the streets by a man who noticed this sick looking dog was constantly hanging around an arm chair that was by the road.

He had no where to go, so he would wander around grabbing scraps then return to his lonely perch. The plush chair was his only comfort while his body deteriorated around him.

Finally one day someone in the neighborhood saw him and took the time to post photos of him online, hoping to get some help. He was so thin and covered in mange but he was fearful of people.

Leslie Ysuhuaylas came across the photos and immediately sent someone from the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC organization to go pick him up. She said, "He was very scared, and he didn't really trust people. He was very wary."

After a lot of coaxing he got into the car with the volunteer and they took him to a vet clinic. He was dehydrated, anemic, covered in mange and fleas and his eyes had cataracts. But it was his teeth gave away his tragic past. Each tooth had been filed down, which the vets knew was a telltale mark of a bait dog.

They tie up the bait dogs, tape their mouths shut and then use them to train the fighting dogs. He would have been through so much pain and abuse, it was no wonder that he was happy on that big comfy chair.

They gave this handsome boy the name Duke and now that he has gotten stronger he will be brought to New York to find his forever home.

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