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Emotional Christmas Video Went Viral And Everyone Says It's Better Than The John Lewis' Ad

YouTube - Phil Beastall

The one thing that the internet guarantees is that every single person seems to be given the chance to voice their opinion. Whether it's good or bad, people seem to have a lot to say about things happening all over the world.

As things begin to go viral, opinions tend to get more polarized, especially when it involves something as huge as Christmas.

The John Lewis Christmas ad tends to get a lot of notice every year, however, the attention it got this year was a bit less positive than before.

People accused them of spending way to much money to create what was essentially a commercial for Elton John's life, and had almost nothing to do with Christmas. Others loved it, but as we all know, the hate is usually louder.

But one person decided that instead of blasting the commercial, they would share something they made and now people are hailing it as the best Christmas commercial possible.

Phil Beastall actually made the video back in 2014, but by bringing it back to the public's attention and giving people a more definitive Christmas commercial he has gone completely viral.

The ad follows as a man gets ready for Christmas, counting down the days on the calendar. When Christmas finally arrives he is shown listening to a tape from his mother. The emotional moment where she reveals it is her last tape is one that those who have lost loved ones can feel, and even if you haven't, you can imagine how hard the holidays would be without your loved ones.

You can watch the ad here, and you'll immediately see why people have become so obsessed with it all over again.

People had a lot of thoughts on how much of an impact something like this has versus the more pop culture-driven ad that John Lewis made this year.

The interesting thing is that this commercial only cost the filmmaker £50, where the John Lewis commercial cost £7 million.

Source - Twitter - Phil Beastall / Daily Mail / Western Journal

What do you think about the commercial? Do you think it's better than this years John Lewis ad?