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15 Heartbreaking 'ER' Moments That Left Us Sobbing In Front Of Our TVs

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Whenever I watched ER, I felt like I was an "adult." Re-runs always played after I came home from school, and I'd sit and watch doctors Carter, Greene, and Ross saves lives every afternoon and I knew I was going to love the show for as long as I lived.

One day, my mom came home early from work and I was sitting in the living room BAWLING my eyes out. She had no idea and went into a full-fledged panic. Through sobs, I told her that Lucy and Carter had been stabbed and that I was pretty sure Lucy was dead. That didn't help anything, since I failed to mention they were characters on a TV show. Needless to say, there was a lot of confusion.

Since then, my emotional connection to ER only got more intense. When the show ended, it felt like a piece of me went along with it. Don't come at me with that "Well at least there's Grey's Anatomy business." You're wrong. It's not the same.

In honor of everyone's favorite medical drama, these are the most emotional moments to ever happen at County General Hospital.

1. Mark Greene's Mistake, "Love's Labor Lost"

Love's Labor Lost

Mark Greene was a stable force during his time at County, but even heroes have the right to bleed. In this case, our hero killed a new mother. The woman comes to the hospital with her husband, and after a promotion, Greene is in a great mood. They all get along great, with Greene dismissing the extremely pregnant woman's concerns as a bladder infection. She's discharged with antibiotics, and then everything goes to hell.

The woman returns and her situation is dire. The baby needs to be delivered, but all the OBGYNs are busy, so the newly minted attending Mark Greene has to step in. He does what he can, and the tension is palpable. Everything that can go wrong, does, including the baby getting stuck on the mother's pubic bone. Mark pushes the baby back in, and finally delivers him properly. The baby is rushed to intensive care, but the mother is still crashing.

After 30 minutes of CPR, the mother is declared dead, and Dr. Greene almost has to be pulled from the room because he refuses to stop CPR. And if that wasn't emotional enough for you, we then have to see Dr. Greene tell the new father that his wife is dead.

AND THEN WE HAVE TO WATCH MARK GREENE CRY ON THE SUBWAY. He tells his friends he's okay. He is not.

2. Benton and Carter's Embrace

Dr. Carter crying

After Lucy and Carter are attacked, Carter goes on pain medication to deal with his injuries. However, he becomes hooked on the pills and even injected himself with leftover fentanyl after a trauma. Yikes. Not his best decision. Lockhart catches Carter injecting himself and tells the other doctors. An intervention is held, and Dr. Greene demands that Carter goes to rehab or else he'll lose his job.

Carter refuses to go, as he doesn't believe he has a problem. Dr. Benton, who was once Carter's mentor and knows him well, confronts Carter about his decision and things get heated. Carter doesn't want to hear anything Benton has to say, and even punches his superior in the face (I audibly gasped when this happened). That's when Carter knew he needed help. He broke down in tears and collapsed into Benton's arms. That night, he was on a plane to rehab with Benton by his side.

If you didn't cry during this scene, you are made of stone. I'm sorry, I don't make the rules.

3. Dr. Gant's Suicide

Dr. Gant in the hospital

I will be the first to admit that I didn't love Dr. Gant. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be that way, but I just never connected to him. Or so I thought.

Gant had been under a lot of pressure from Benton and was starting to get overwhelmed. I often found him whiny, because it's not like no one else had a lot on their plate. ANYWAY, it's the holidays and Gant is extremely stressed. He leaves the hospital and you assume that he's going to quit the program. Or at least I assumed that. Then I was slapped in the face with something much worse.

Carter and Benton are called to a trauma where a man has been hit by a train. He's still alive, but barely. As the team works, Carter realizes the man on the table is actually his friend, Dr. Gant. Hearing Carter yell "OH, SWEET JESUS! OH, GOD!" still gives me chills. The patient didn't make it, and the assumption is that Gant jumped in front of the train by his own will.

I never thought I liked Gant. But when he died I realized I was wrong.

4. Dr. Ross In The Flood

Doug Ross carrying a child

Before George Clooney was the world's most handsome man (or so they tell me) he was Dr. Doug Ross. This is the only role I choose to remember him by because it was practically perfect.

He often came off as an arrogant jerk, but Doug Ross really did care about his patients, and kids in general. After getting fired from his fellowship at County, Ross was driving home when he got a flat tire. While trying to deal with that situation, a young boy rushes up to him and tells Ross that his little brother is trapped in a flooded storm drain.

Without hesitation, Ross rushes to help. He risks his own life to help save the kid he's never met. Ross becomes a media sensation as news stations rush to watch the heroic rescue. He finally gets a hold of the boy and carries him to safety, while a helicopter spotlight shines on them. I have goosebumps just thinking about it. GOOSEBUMPS.

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