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Engagement Rumors Are Flying Thanks To One Detail Of Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Recent Vacation

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Keen-eyed royal watchers have been closely following the romance between the 32-year-old prince and his American girlfriend.

The couple has been dating for just over a year and half, so the timing of their trip and their new destination has fans buzzing with what this could potentially mean for the couple.

Fans practically lost their minds when they noticed Meghan Markle wearing a gold band on her right hand. Rumors flew across the internet that it might have been a special gift from Prince Harry.

Unfortunately, it was not THAT kind of ring.

Now, rumors about the Prince and Markle's possible visit to Victoria Falls in Zambia. The stunning cascade and profound gorges of Victoria Falls make it a stunning sight to see.

It is the largest waterfall on earth and is counted as one of the seven natural wonders of the world!

So, why are royal watchers abuzz about this particular trip?

It has flavors of another royal proposal - that of Prince William and the then-Kate Middleton. The prince popped the question while on vacationed in Kenya, atop Mount Kenya.

Only time will tell whether or not Prince Harry has asked Meghan Markle to marry him.

While the couple's romantic vacation will come to an end on Wednesday, don't expect to see an engagement ring on her finger when they land in London, England.

It's very likely that Harry's engagement will follow similar protocol to his older brother's engagement to Kate Middleton in 2010.

The Duchess of Cambridge didn't wear her engagement ring until after the palace made the official announcement in a press release. The official announcement wasn't made until a full month after Prince William asked her to marry him.

If Harry does ask Meghan Markle to be his wife this week, we likely won't hear any confirmation of it until October.

Could she be 'the one'? Only time will tell!

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