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10 Epic Fight Scenes From The Movies You Should Be Watching Before Halloween

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All supernatural movies are not by definition "scary". Sure they all have horror elements intertwined into them, but for a number of movies over the last 10-15 years, they have become supernatural action movies, complete with their own epic fight scenes.

The way I see it, scary movies aren't for everyone (but I am a huge fan myself). And if you happen to be one of those people who isn't into sleeping with the lights on but you still enjoy the lore surrounding the supernatural world, these are the movies you should be watching.

1. Blade Trilogy

The whole Blade Trilogy series is amazing, including the action-packed thrill-ride that is Blade Trinity. We at Shared wholly support the entirety of this exciting fantasy storyline.

Wesley Snipes plays the ass-kicking half-vampire half-human Blade. Though vampires are said to have originated with Dracula, the movie series (again with the exception of number 3) creates their own universe based off of the original vampire myth. And yes, there is a lot of epic, and well choreographed, fight scenes. The first and second movies are well worth the watch.

2. Dracula Untold

The first time I saw this movie I was unsure going into it whether I would like it or not. 30 minutes in I was enthralled with how the writers had slightly modified the story of Dracula to bring us this gem of a film.

Outside of the story (which again is fantastic) the fight scenes throughout this movie are epic and make for a very entertaining watch. Even though Dracula is always seen as an evil character, it's hard not to root for him as the anti-hero that he is throughout the film. Here is an example of a monster trying to save the people he is sworn to protect.

3. I, Frankenstein

This movie's story line borders on garbage, and at times it can frustrate you with how forced it feels. But what it lacks in intelligent creativity, it makes up for in its scenes of supernatural violence. Aaron Echart actually plays his role well, and makes you again want to root for a monster. Check it out if you are looking for a cheesy yet entertaining movie. Frankenstein attempting to save the human race from Hell's legions...

4. Van Helsing

Yes, I admit it. This movie as a story isn't that great. And it goes well off course in regards to the legend of Abraham Van Helsing. Also mashing Dracula, werewolves, Mr. Hyde, and Frankenstein all into the same flick feels a bit desperate. But a monster is a monster and this movie delivers in that regard. Hugh Jackman whoops a lot of ass as he makes his way through Transylvania on a collision course with Count Dracula, and his own past. Fights a plenty, and all are enjoyable.

5. Priest

This post-apocalyptic, western, vampire film (yes you read that correctly) actually has a pretty decent story line. Priests are no longer just men of the cloth who serve the church in an attempt to save the souls of mankind. In this version they are supercharged vampire hunters who use a variety of weapons to take apart the creatures of the night.

The fight scenes in this movie are well done, and leave you leaning in closer to the screen to get a real good look at the action.

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