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Escaped Pigs Go Hog Wild In London 2 Days In A Row

There must be something about London, England that drives pigs crazy. It could be the bad air, all the noise, or maybe the little piglets just really want to see Big Ben.

Whatever the reason, two pigs felt the call of the wild and caused mayhem in the city less than 24 hours apart.

They caused traffic jams, made local police look like fools, and terrorized the public. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt by their antics, but their adventures show just how much trouble 2 small animals can cause one of the world's biggest cities.

The most recent curly-tailed criminal escaped from a farm in the city's Redbridge neighborhood.

He lead officers on a chase through the town, almost managing to tackle an unsuspecting jogger who stumbled into his path.

Thankfully officers were able to grab him, and this little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home.

The Mirror

Just a day earlier, things didn't go so smoothly when a piglet fell out of a truck onto the M62 highway.

Traffic on both directions had to stop, creating traffic jams more than 2 miles long on each side.

Despite fencing the piggy in, police had to use sniffer dogs to track the critter down. Luckily, he was returned to his owner unharmed - but probably a little stressed out.

Hopefully the city won't experience any more pig-related incidents this week, but if you're traveling through London you should be cautious.

Be on the lookout for any curly tails while you're in public. After all, there's bound to be a third little pig somewhere!

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