6 Hidden Dangers You Should Know About Before Using Essential Oils

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Using essential oils has become a more popular choice for a natural solution to the common cold, a stuffed up nose and fixing an upset stomach. Instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet many are setting up their diffuser and adding their favorite scent to help clear the air in their home.

With a wide range of benefits for your health, beauty, household cleaning and more, there's a reason why people are picking out scents to enhance their every day life.

Whether it's lavender to help induce sleep and frankincense to boost your immunity, essential oils can help you feel better without having to invest in vitamins and supplements.

Some people will defuse the oils in a humidifier while others dilute them and apply them directly onto the skin.

“I am a fan of using eucalyptus oil in my humidifier when my kids are sick as a way to decongest their clogged noses,” says pediatrician and mom Dina Kulik.  She dilutes two or three drops of the oil into a large humidifier to help her kids recover during cold and flu season.

But did you know that not all essential oils are safe?

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