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Even Ellen Was at A Loss For Words During This Jessica Simpson Interview

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It takes a lot for Ellen DeGeneres to be at a loss for words, but between the uncomfortable laughter and the peculiar anecdotes, Jessica Simpson's appearance on The Ellen Show has fans wondering what was going on with the singer.

The 36-year-old mother of 2 frequently slurred her words and make cringe-worthy remarks about her relationships and family life in the 5-minute interview.

We all know that she perfected the "dumb blonde" persona back in the early 2000s, but this interview took it to a whole new level.

She set the tone for the interview noting how she wasn't pregnant during this appearance like she was the last 2 times she was on the show.

“Very exciting! I’m not pregnant on your show. Oh gesh, no. We have an IUD, it’s ... nothing gonna get in that uterus.”

From there, she talked about her daughter's recent mermaid-themed birthday party that had entertainers swimming in the backyard pool dressed as mermaids.

“Silicone tails,” she announced out of nowhere. “They had ... manhandlers. It’s not called manhandlers ... No ... they had to be carried if they had to pee ... cos they can’t pee on my children in the pool. They pick ‘em up, and carry ‘em ... It’s a, it’s a business.”

Changing gears, Ellen asked her how long she has been with her husband. Her response should have been simple, however it was far from it.

See her response and the full video on the next page.

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