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5 Favorite Foods Of History's Most-Feared Dictators

We learn about the deeds of history's most feared dictators in history books, but have you ever wondered what their lives were really like? What happened in their past to make them do accomplish such horrifying actions against humanity? What were their hobbies? Did they have a favorite food?

The answer to one of those questions is yes, and we've dredged up the details on some of the strange and chilling foods dictators like Hitler used to eat.

Benito Mussolini

If you met this Italian dictator of World War II, you'd want to steer clear, and not because of what he could do to you. Mussolini's favorite food was a salad made only of fresh chopped garlic, lemon juice, and oil.  

His wife said: "He used to eat a whole bowl of it. I couldn’t go anywhere near him after that. At night I’d leave him to sleep alone in our room and take refuge in one of the children’s rooms!"


Kim Jong-Il

The North Korea leader was an extremely picky eater and would only enjoy foods that were deemed "gourmet" by himself. He frequently ate shark fin soup and dog-meat soup, because he said they helped with "immunity and virility."

He is also known for having a team of female-only food inspectors to ensure that every grain of rice served to him was identical in color, shape, and size.

Gen. Idi Amin

During his rule in Uganda, 300,000 people were killed, but Idi Amin ensured he always had enough of his favorite foods to eat. He claimed oranges were "nature's Viagra" and ate about 40 of the citrus fruits daily.

During his exile in Saudi Arabia, he developed a taste for British cuisine and enjoyed KFC and pizza.


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Adolf Hitler

Up until the time he became a vegetarian, Hitler's favorite dish was "Petits Poussins à la Hambourg," which was a rather chilling meal choice. It consists of a pigeon stuffed with liver, tongue, and pistachios.

Near the end of his life, Hitler's diet consisted only of mashed potatoes and clear broth. It's believed this was due to chronic constipation and flatulence.


Pol Pot

One of the most cringe-worthy food choices was from Cambodian dictator Pol Pot. Apparently, he was fond of cobra stew, which was made by killing the snake and allowing the poison to dry up. The cobra was then chopped into pieces and boiled in a pot with lemon grass and other spices.

To top it all off, the dish was served along with a cup of the snake's blood. Excuse me a minute while I throw up. Insider Malaysia

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